Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things I Did Today

  • Got up late.
  • Dropped my daughter off at preschool.
  • Took my dog to the beach.
  • Took note of the surfers riding the waves and promised myself that I will learn to surf one day.
  • Wondered what it would be like to learn how to surf after realizing that's probably one of those things I'll never get around to.
  • Picked my son up from school and spent 20 minutes talking to the teacher about his progress at school, his upcoming IEP meeting, and why he was crying when I got there.
  • Headed off with my son for our weekly counseling appointment.
  • Dropped off videos and DVDs at the library on the way home, but not the books because they aren't due yet.
  • Insisted to my son that we weren't getting any more books from the library because we already had too many at home.
  • Broke that promise when I saw how well he was reading that Hardy Boys comic book. And grabbed a book for his sister too, because she can't be left out.
  • Helped my son get his homework done after counseling. He's getting better at staying focused. I'm proud of him.
  • Cleaned up dog pee from my son's room after dinner. WTF?
  • Wondered if I should make a vet appointment for the dog who has started peeing in the house all of a sudden. She hasn't done that once in the two months we've lived here, until yesterday.
  • Wondered how to select a good veterinarian since I don't have one here yet.
  • Snuggled the dog anyway because it probably wasn't her fault. She's too cute to be a troublemaker.
  • Sat down to see how much work I have for tonight and groaned. Procrastinated work by making a small pot of coffee.
  • Read a library book to the kids and tucked them into bed.
  • Worried about how early I have to get up for my son's school field trip tomorrow and decidedI really must start work, right now.
  • Procrastinated starting work by about 15 minutes to write this blog.
  • Realized that there is a handful of unread posts out there by some of my fellow blogging friends and promised that I'd start working just as soon as I caught up on reading.
  • I'm probably still reading. If I'm tired tomorrow you'll know why.