Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm blogging. Yes, I am.

I know, I said I was going to write every day, and yesterday I didn't.  I'm a schmuck.  And today I didn't feel like writing because I couldn't think of anything interesting to say, but I'm going to write anyway because that's what blogging is.  I write about whatever I want whether anyone wants to read it or not.  And since I don't have anything to talk about that is particularly insightful or entertaining, I'll just talk about what I'm doing when I'm not blogging.

Yesterday the kids and I drove to Santa Cruz to visit a friend from Nebraska who is there staying with her mother in law for the summer.  Her family used to live next door to us when Abi was a baby and Samuel was a preschooler, and they have three girls.  Our kids haven't seen each other for two years.  My son instantly bonded with their oldest daughter, Jada, who is entering fourth grade, while my friend and I talked about all the similar challenges we face with these two kids, both socially and academically.  They were like peas in a pod the whole day and never left each other's side.  It just may be that Samuel is lucky enough to have found a soul mate at the tender age of 7.  My heart melted as I watched the interaction between those two sweet children and my friend and I talked about the fact that they really need to be pen pals.  It turns out that both of them need a fun way to practice handwriting.  We stayed there until about 8pm and I arrived back at home with two sleeping children.

Today is less exciting for the kids but will end on a high note for me.  I just got back from taking Samuel to Whole Foods, where we procured such interesting items as sprouts (he's never seen them before--parenting fail), Hippie Chips (don't ask, they were handing out samples and they contain potato pellets, which sound like something the potato leaves behind after you dig it up but don't taste like that at all, trust me), and quackers (yes, they are duck-shaped crackers, and the name is not really quackers but I think it should be).  We're going to take a walk to the park in a few minutes, and tonight the kids are staying home with my mom and sister while my brother and I go out to dinner for his birthday.  There will be beer and laughter.  It will be fun.

And now I spend the rest of the day with this song stuck in my head because it was playing on the radio in the store.  I wish I knew how to embed videos in this blog, but I don't.  I suck at technology.

Peace, people.